Amputee cyclist avatars please!

I would love for Zwift to reflect physical disabilities too in their avatars. I recently became a left leg below the knee amputee and have just returned to Zwift cycling. I would love my avatar to have a false leg - to reflect my disability in game… specially when I cycle past someone :joy:

Amputee and proud!

In RGT they have a hand-pedal series and the race was zoomed and broadcast live. The avatars are the same but it was so impressive to see these athletes in action and that these virtual platforms being so inclusive. Avatars in RGT are very basic compared to Zwift so I hope your suggestion gets some traction.

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Oh, just as an aside back in 1989 I did a very difficult and hilly road race in Northern CA and a rider from Southern California passed me on the final climb and I still remember to this day that he was a left leg below-the-knee amputee with a prosthesis. I was so impressed and inspired. I still remember this today.

Thanks Bob. Let’s hope so!

Yes my friend told me a story a number of years back about an amputee runner passing her in a half marathon. It’s all about positive mind set :blush:

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