Single watt increments in the GUI for workouts

So this is where despite having set a specific wattage of say 288 in a workout, it’ll display as 290 in the GUI. In addition, depending upon the wattage, increasing or decreasing the bias may have no effect or an unexpected effect in the GUI, leading to a confusing rider experience.

This feature was previous requested but archived with no action taken or final comment - is this on the roadmap or is the intention to leave this s a known defect?

Does anyone from Zwift actually moderate and refine the Feature Request forum btw? It’s pretty messy - surprised you can see the woods for the trees.

Previous response:

We actually allow single watt increments. The 5w increment is strictly visual. It’s a holdover from when we had a larger percentage of users on classic trainers and before ERG mode was as universal and reliable as it is currently with the standardization of communication protocol. Whatever you see in the workout preview is the exact wattage that gets sent to your trainer in ERG; we just use the rounding in-game for display purposes.

I’d be interested to see a breakdown of which feature requests have actually been implemented. i would imagine it’s something like 10% what zwifters want, 90% what zwift want. However, that’s not to say that what zwift implements is bad, it’s not, far from it…But i do think it would be great if the next few releases concentrated on user requested features.

Would be good wouldn’t it… Zwift presumably have a product roadmap based on achieving some strategic objectives (or at least they should have) so I wouldn’t be surprised to see quite a low implementation rate for requests raised in this forum… but if a company decides to have a Feature Request forum then it may do more harm than good if it isn’t well managed.

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