Show User Level on Users Nearby

Could we have a show of the users level on the users nearby board?

The way it is laid out on the right, reminds me of the player cards on call of duty and other games.

It’s kind’ve like your gamer bragging rights, espesically with all the sweat and hardwork that is involved in doing well in a game like this.

Not sure what this would actually achieve in reality.  On CoD or whatever someone at a higher level has actual tangible benefits in terms of mods etc and levels help put you in games with players of a similar level.

On Zwift this isn’t the case, despite being on level 12 I’m well capable of being dropped by someone riding for the first time.  It would make more sense to run multiple islands based on w/kg and ftp.

It’s a simple indicator of miles logged / XP gained I guess. Like I said, just player bragging rights. I thought having Username (lvl 12) couldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

I understand both point of views. If points weren’t capped it would be cool to ride with someone lvl 32 or something crazy, but there also isn’t any real advantage to points yet either.

I like the idea of showing people’s levels on he Riders Nearby board too.