Show ETA and distance to go from the start of the Climb

(Pieter-Jan Driessen) #1

Hi, for the longer climbs you only get to see your ETA and Distance to go at the end of the Climb, but why wouldn’t you start this already from the start of the section/climb? That way you can keep better track how long to go to the end and also how you are doing…

Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work

(Jordan Rapp) #2


For the longer climbs, we cannot make an accurate ETA estimate at the bottom, which is why we do not show it from the outset.

Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

(Pieter-Jan Driessen) #3

Thanks Jordan, that makes complete sense, are you guys thinking about having a distance to the top countdown? I like that feature on the Tacx Rides as you know how far it is exactly to the top. Indeed; Ride on!

(Jordan Rapp) #4


We put such a countdown on the Alpe du Zwift. The only instance I’m aware of where you don’t have it is on the Epic KOM. Everything is short enough that it shows up right away or almost right away. The Jungle Circuit loop may be the other. Those two are just long enough that an accurate estimate is a real challenge so the ETA clock doesn’t show until later, which is why you are missing it. I think we could certainly consider adding something to indicate how far you have left to go on the climbs (or the Jungle).