Show catergory in mixed events

Would be really nice when looking at Zwiftpower results for a mixed ability event eg tour de Zwift, to have a column showing each riders category.
This would make it easy to see if you generally finished with your cat riders around you or perhaps with riders from a higher or lower cat.
Pushed hard today as a C and came in with a B group (with some crafty drafting) but the only way to see that is to look at each athlete around you in the group, or a selection anyway.

Hi @Russ_Thornton

Zwift power should show which category every rider joined as, even for mixed events like the TDZ rides. It’s always the very first column on the left. I’ll use this TDZ stage 7 ride as an example:

If you aren’t seeing those category markers, there may be an issue with your browser and it’s worth clearing your browser cache to see if that helps.

I think what they are looking for is not to see the category they enterred, but the pace group for each person within the same category. In the case of a TdZ ride the categories are the distances, but at a glance it’s hard to tell if you ended up with a set of people in the B pace group, or C pace group etc. You can go individually into each rider and check their pace group, but I think what they’re asking is to have that at-a-glance on the results list.

Yes, exactly! :+1::+1::+1:

This isn’t how any event works currently. It only shows the category the rider entered. There are some events (races) that have multiple categories on the same route with all categories visible, so you can tell which category they entered, but it doesn’t show their pace group. Interesting feature request though.

Virtuslo Endurance League has 5 pens:


PEN → zFTP W/kg / zMAP Wkg / Compound Score (5min Wkg * 5min Watts)
Pen A
– > 4.1 W/kg / > 5.0 W/kg / > 2100
Pen B – > 3.6 W/kg / > 4.4 W/kg / > 1750
Pen C – > 3.2 W/kg / > 3.9 W/kg / > 1400
Pen D – > 2.8 W/kg / > 3.4 W/kg / > 1100
Pen E – < 2.8 W/kg / < 3.4 W/kg / < 1100

I am in E, Zwift Cat C (since Tuesday, before D). Would like to know where the others are, it is a mix of C and D.

Yes. Sorry I mean pace group as mentioned above. I entered the tour for Course B as pace Cat C. I get to see everyone who rode Course option B but not what pace group they were.
I was in the front group for about half, hanging on for dear life, suspect A and B riders and then dropped. Stayed with the next group by the skin Of my teeth till the end.
Most of those riders I think were pace group B.
Be nice to see that next to names rather than randomly picking people to see their pace group.

It’s always struck me as a bit odd that you can see each rider’s pace group in the sign up list, as well as the category they’ve entered, but once it’s on the results page it’s only the category.

In an official group ride event like TDZ rides, what’s the value in seeing riders’ Category Enforcement pen allocation during the event?

Some might be riding relatively hard, some moderate, some easy at their respective abilities (current allocated pen).

TDZ rides (not official TDZ races at weekend) also have the late join option, just like many group rides, so riders can finish the route quicker than their pace suggested.

I agree, some race some don’t but it’s obvious some groups push on harder than others so just interesting to see. Would also make it easier in Cat enforced races to see riders riding up a level and any riders upgraded as a result of a race.