Shove it [SOLVED]

Omg :scream: I do hope someone can help me. It’s been 3 weeks now that my smart treadmill will not pair. Zwift said there was a problem and they were going to sort it. NOT we have done everything any ideas. Getting to the stage that they can shove it. Yet they are still sending invites to run :running_woman: events :persevere:

Others will be along with more knowledge on how to help you solve your problem.

The first thing you will be asked is for more information about your whole set up.

I can find the following information:
You have a BowflexBXT6 since Nov 2020
Your last run connection to Zwift was in Feb 2022. You mention not working for 3 weeks - was that the first time you tried to run on Zwift since Feb 2022?
You are still riding regularly on Zwift so you obviously have some hardware etc that is allowing a connection.

So please list what equipment you are using when you Zwift Ride
What equipment you are using with Zwift run - what equipment identifies your running speed/cadence and tries to pass it to Zwift?

If you are using different hardware (I use Laptop to ride and IPad Air2 to run) are both fully updated.

I have limited hardware knowledge but others will be able to help with more detailed information from you.

Edit. I found this forum thread. Please read through and see if it might apply to your situation.

Hi Thank you so much for getting in touch, I has a serious cycling accident in March, so treadmill was not used for a while.
Now am fit to run, it was working really well with no problems, when I returned to it , it just will not pair, myself and hubby have tried everything, am using the same iPad, treadmill has not been moved, we have updated all apps, it just will not pair, am missing out on so many races/ training I could cry, am not very good with gadgets, hence that’s why we brought the Bowflex, I also have a atom watt bike, we have no problems with this.


I can usually find information but don’t always understand it. Others will help.

@Rowdy did the backend changes you made cover Jill’s treadmill Bowflex BXT6 ?

Sorry not sure what your asking me

I really hope someone can help me

he meant Zwift Team did some changes and he’s asking you to try again now that they have done these changes. It seems like ti solved the issue for some owners of the same TM than you :slight_smile:

Ludo is correct but I suspect you possibly have been trying regularly to connect treadmill to Zwift and it possibly doesn’t work still.

Zwift were aware of the Bowflex issue and made a change at their end which they say fixed the problem. When I wrote @ Rowdy (written without the gap) this in effect copies Rowdy, who works for Zwift, into this message. I imagine he works in the USA so won’t be at work for a few hours yet but hope he might get back to you when he sees the message.

I’m not knowledgeable enough to help you with the information we have now found and put together but there is now possibly enough here for others to help.

Not everyone looks at the Forums all the time so help from the community might take a day or two.

@Stuart.Middlecoate comes along regularly and helps with treadmill issues.


This is the thread governing the issue.

By the sounds of it the OP is still having issues despite Zwift implementing a back office fix.
Given the OP states nothing has changed in their setup i can only assume the fix isn’t working 100%

The first advice I’d give is to make sure Zwift and iOS version is updated and even consider removing Swift and reinstalling.

Failing that working I’d look at alternate methods of obtaining speed data to send to Zwift. There are some apps you can use to bridge the issue.

Treadmill speed transmitter will manually send a speed to Zwift which you set the same as your treadmill.
QZ Domyos will physically read the treadmill speed and then send this to Zwift. It’s relatively inexpensive.

Do you have a smart watch with an accelerometer? Whilst the accuracy might not be brilliant it’ll at least have you moving. If you’re more interested in alleviating boredom rather than data accuracy then this is perfect.

@shooj - possibly one for the tech people to look at to see if the fix is fully working ahead of the permanent changes.

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Thank you so much @Ian_Attoe for tagging me in here!

@J_Dowson_Cryo-Gen, I’ve followed up with you directly, but you should now be able to pair your Bowflex treadmill to Zwift.


Thank you am paired xxx



I will close this thread and leave a link to the main forum thread in case any other Zwifters find themselves in the same situation.