Shimano 105 Di2 (12 speed). Chain touching frame

I need some guidance on whether I should return my Zwift Hub or attempt to troubleshoot the issue. Can you offer any advice?
A week ago, I bought Zwift Hub with preinstalled 12-speed cassette.
Upon installing my Orbea Orca m30i bike on it, I quickly identified two issues.

  1. The gears were not aligned.

  2. The chain was in contact with the frame while it was on the smallest cog.
    I took out the cassette and checked if no spacer was installed.
    I checked if I did not overtighten the drive side adapter.

  3. On a bike:

  4. On a trainer:

  5. Hub photo:

After all, my checking issue is still there.
So should I try with Shimano Cassette? Should I try with a different hub? Or should I just return HUB and try luck with other smart trainer?
Thank you

Check the back of the cassette on the hub. I’ve seen the odd one where the rivets holding the top 3 cogs together sit slightly proud and this create a gap.

No harm in swapping them over to further diagnose the issue.

I have tried with 105 Shimano cassette, and the situation is better, but still imperfect. On the photo,

you can space between the frame and chain. But the space is minimal, around 2mm

And seems freehub has slight imperfection because with Shimano cassette installed I notice slight offset, when you scroll the cassette you can notice wave-like movment

Speak to Zwift support and they’ll help you out.

Thats what I am trying to do. But its taking days to receive answer…

The wave like movement is normal. On cassettes there is a slight difference in angle of some teeth to held chain retention.
When you spin the freehub it gives the impression that it’s not straight.

One thing to try is to release the pressure holding the bike to the hub.
I use a traditional quick release skewer and it’s surprising how much the frame travels when you tighten it up. It’s a fine line between making sure the bike stays on the turbo and bending frame which sends the alignment out.

Can be. Thank you for your answer.
I bought Mavic thru axle speed release, it should help with quick wheel change and not to over-tighten the axle.

Hi, have you managed to solve the issue? I’ve just change my setup from Shimano 11s to Sram 12s so I also had to change the freehub. Have another bike on the trainer and the same problem as you. Also when I start tightening the thru axle (old bike had QR) I can see the rear dropouts bend inwards slightly.