Sharron "The Mink" Yaxley hits 50,000 kilometers

Hey Zwift HQ!

Did you notice that one of the longtime members Sharron “The Mink” Yaxley from Tasmania just blew past 50,000 kilometers? That’s got to be worth a feature story and maybe an email blast? I think she’s the first female to that mark. Unbelievable achievement.

Just thought you should know!

D Rothaus
Seattle, WA

Hey Don I just found this…Thankyou so much for your positivity and kindness. Amazing to think I’m now over 76 000 km and done a 24 hour ride…but zip from Zwift…

All I can do it continue to be me…encouraging others to set goals, go,for them, and to continue supporting in my events.

My next goal is first female to 100,000 km…on track for April 2020.

I was told by a laid Zwift staff member some time back that they wanted younger people…but I am proof that us ‘non younger person’ can kick goals, encourage others in a meaningful way.

Many thanks again Don for your nod of acknowledgement. :blush::muscle::biking_man: