Shared trainer difficulty

Two of us share a Wahoo KICKR, each running from our own accounts on an iPad. However, when one of us changes trainer difficulty (I like 100%, she likes 70%), it changes as well for the other. This suggests trainer difficulty is a parameter associated with the trainer, not the user. I think this is new, that a few months ago we were able to maintain independent trainer difficulties.

Obviously the solution is to set trainer difficulty at the start of each ride. However, I don’t think there’s a rational basis to assume trainer difficulty should be universal for a given trainer.

I’ve got the same issue on AppleTV and the latest app version 1.0.61590. I share it with my partner. She likes to have the trainer difficulty at ~20% and I would rather it 100%. Despite this setting being in the user area it is for the whole device. It really should be set per user and change depending on who is logged in.

We also have this problem, we share an IPad for Zwifting. We have been told this is beause the trainer difficulty is set on the device, not linked to the user name. Surely this can be changed?

Nearly 2 years later, this problem still has not been fixed. I just discovered it when switching to an Apple TV 4K for Zwift. I prefer to have the setting at 100%, and my wife prefers 50%. If anyone at Zwift sees this, could you let us know if you have plans to fix the problem?