set wattage in a regular ride


i would like to set wattage in a regular ride, for exampel with a +/- button.

So you can vary/ajust your ride spontaneous without gearshifting - provided

“Trainer Difficulty” is off - by fixed power on a variable cadence (just like in ERG-Mode in the workout mode).

This would make it for example easier to hold your heart rate (if you want) or just make it simple to make workouts without creating a workout before riding.

–> Maybe ride at 130W for 30 minutes, then set 150W and ride on for 30 minutes by ending the ride at 100W for 10 minutes.

So your are very flexible and can always use your favourit cadence at a constant power.


Another idea is that you can set the heart rate you wish to ride with, and the power adapts automatically.


Thank you, Ride on :wink:



You can do something similar if you create a custom workout. Just create a custom workout, set the criteria you want, and ride it. That is probably the best option for now.

It would be nice to have ERG mode integrated so you can ride at a constant power.

I really like the HR idea. Keep wattage to a level to maintain 150 bpm or something… brilliant!