"Session" window in case of a crash or other unforeseen issue

(Matt Hartman (C4)) #1

I set out to ride a metric this weekend with the intention of getting a jersey. I had set aside enough time to be able to make that happen. Everything was going along just fine, but then I got a warning that my laptop battery was about to die and I had to get it plugged in. 10 seconds later before I had a chance to unclip, boom, it went into hibernate. I’m screaming “No no no!” I realized that the cord had come loose from the back. Got it plugged back in and it was still in Zwift. I thought, ok cool, I might get lucky, but no luck.

When I got back on, and pedaled, it would go a few feet then lose the pair. Repaired, everything looked ok, pedaled on, and go for a few feet then stop. So I grudgingly restarted the program losing about 17 miles of my metric attempt. I rode on after that, but I knew that I didn’t have the time to do another 17 over and above to get the jersey. Motivational downer.

My suggestion is to build in a session tracker where if something were to happen, if would know you were just riding, and ask you if you wanted to resume your previous session (if you logged back in within a certain time frame) or start a new session.

I think with the flakiness of all of the devices that we depend upon to connect and make this thing work, we need to have some way to recover from a technical hiccup.

(Al Clewley) #2


Just posted something very similar on the Beta Feedback section, so you get the thumbs up from me!

(Chris Freeman) #3

I would definitely second this suggestion as last night my heal hit my ant+ sensor and spun it around causing a loss of connection. I had to stop and get off to re-position it but by then Zwift had stopped and my only choices were to discard the ride or save and exit.

(Al Clewley) #4

From the discard/save screen you just have to start pedalling again and the screen goes back to the simulation.

(Chris Freeman) #5

Matt, I know that’s what it’s supposed to do, but it wasn’t on my Mac. I’ve seen a few other folks experience the same thing on the Mac so far.

(Sascha Kolewa) #6

Yes, please. Zwift is not perfect and it sometimes crashes. Having a way to quickly resume the session would be great to mitigate that. Right now you get partial recordings that you have to upload to Strava manually.

(Chad Kudym) #7

Agreed!  I just did an 8.5mi run an lost all the progress in Zwift.  Found the FIT file on the iOS system so why can’t that be used to recover the session?