Secret Event Results not on ZwiftPowrr


We had a secret event added by ZHQ, which they gratefully did for EVO.

The results are not on ZwiftPower, is there anything you can do yo get them through. I need to adjust and publish the results please. I am one if the admin for EVO in ZP.

The WTRL Invite only ones come through, they are also setup the same way I believe.


then it won’t be a secret. :rofl:

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You make no sense what so ever.

The idea of a hidden race is to stop random
people joining. It doesn’t matter about the results after and who sees them.

WTRL Racing do invite only and is hidden the same as we have then they after the results are published to ZwiftPower after.

In a nut shell, They send out a link that only the people have access to, you join then after the results are pushed into ZwiftPower.

If you have the event email url that includes the id and key you can submit it here.

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@Andy_Med spot on, that worked a treat, you sir are an absolute legend! Thank you. !!!

Every day is a school day!

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Hi there! Just on this - I’ve just had to do the same. Did your event appear straight after in the list of coming events on ZP, or did you have to wait? Or does it just appear somewhere else less public?

Hi, I did it after the event happened and it appeared after. Almost straight away, just in the normal event on ZP.