Script error on launcher prevent me from signing in

When trying to open the Zwift launcher I get the following script error message from a URL called gstatic

This pop up everytime I try to enter my account details in the launcher, thus preventing me to sign in. Any suggestions (I’ve cleared cache etc on all browsers, and also tried blocking the Gstatic site for javascript).


It seems other are having similar issues

I’ve got the same problem on both my PCs (at different patch levels).

By the way, I edited your image to remove your email address. :+1:t4:

Did you ever get this fixed. I am still having it

Follow these steps: Windows 10 recaptcha_en.js login error [November 2021] - #25 by Daren

It don’t work for me…

I have the same problem.
Zwift does not work for me …

Any solution jet?

See Windows 10 recaptcha_en.js login error [November 2021] where there is a simple workaround.