Game Update 1.18 - October 20th, 2021

Same issue with appletv 4k with companion app on iPhone. Resistance is inverted with my tacx Bushido not great for WTRL racing tonight.

Supertuck wasn’t working also in descent

I using wahoo kickr core,lagging On resistance last night over 13seconds.

Yesterday a 67 min recovery ride using my Android tablet. No Bluetooth connectivity issues at all.

Tomorrow going to test with a windows 10 laptop

Before update everything works fine :)))

Same issue here, it prevents me from logging in via the launcher on my lap top. Did you get it solved and if so, how?

All I’m saying is that I am not having any issues with ATV, and I would guess that most other people are not, either - or else the forum would be blowing up with comments about it. So, if you provide information about your entire set up perhaps someone on the forum will be able to help figure it out. If you don’t provide that information, no help.

Always connect my wahoo straight to appletv via bluetooth, now i paired devices using PAIR WITH ZWIFT COMPANION and gradient and ressistance wirks fine 20211103_184056|666x500

Today in bugs: on OS X, was on Flat Route, tried to u-turn on the boardwalk between the islands to do the KOM reverse, but the turn didn’t work. Wasn’t throttled, but the built-in route turns didn’t work after that either. Stopped that ride, didn’t quit the app, started a new one on Tempus, and as soon as I started to pedal I did a u-turn! And then was able to hit the u-turn button again to go the direction I wanted.

See Can't U-Turn [October 2021] [1.18.0]

With last companion app trainer resistance is back to normal

During today meetup in Makuri Islands, I have seen this:


Since update, my rider does not navigate around other riders smoothly, Often will be going at an angle trying to move to the center of the road. In a big group it is difficult to watch and have to back off the blob. I do have steering and can sometimes move way out to the sides to avoid the issue. Also tried turning off steering to see if that was the problem and it didn’t help.

See here: Pack Dynamics 3.0 Update [October 2021] - #138 by D_Watson_HERD_Sweep

Update 1.18.2 - November 8th, 2021

We have released a small update to 1.18.1 to address an issue on MacOS devices. The 1.18.2 update will only be available to MacOS devices.

  • Fixed an issue causing a crash on some older Macs when launching Zwift.
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My ipad upgraded to ios 15 last night and today I was riding super easily in the red zone. I calibrated my wahoo kick several times in zwift app and it still has no/little resistance. Used my iphone which is still on ios 14 and it has normal resistance. How do I fix this? Am I blaming the ios upgrade incorrectly? Please help!

Use the Wahoo super secret calibration: How to Perform an Advanced Factory Spindown on Your Wahoo KICKR - Zwift Insider

Well the update hasn’t done anything for anyone. Did you remember to actually include the patch?

This hasn’t worked. Just keep getting 25km remaining error and when In pen for TTT tonight my rider wouldn’t move despite everything connected and watts displaying on HUD

Hi Shuji!

I have always had the problem of a ride freezing mid ride on my pc (game sounds continue but rider stops). Would you know if this issue has been rectified with windows?

Still a little bit hesitant going through the whole download process.

Thanks mate

@Hayley_Walker_3009 What version did you downgrade to? I’m having the same issue and may try.