Scheduling a Race in Advance

Hey guys. I’m new to Zwift racing so this is probably user error, but how do I schedule Zwift Academy Race #2 days in advance? I was able to schedule Race #1 about a week ahead of time. I don’t see any options for scheduling Race #2. Do I just have to check every day and hope that the race is scheduled for a time slot that I can manage? That doesn’t seem right to me.

Do u use the Zwift Companion App? If so, click on events and on the upper right u can scroll to the day you would like to race at and choose the race you want.

I’m not quite sure where you found race 1 and signed up. However wherever you found that race you should also be able to find race 2.

ALL of the ZA races are already scheduled and entered on the system.

I generally use two methods to find and enter races, but there will be other suggestions:

Zwift Companion App:

Using the Zwift Companion App when Cycling.

And of course if you have left it until the last few minutes you can always open up Zwift game and enter from the home screen. These races are not limited by number of entrants so you can always enter right up until the start - but do leave yourself some warm up time and to allow for internet connection.

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Thanks guys. I forgot that I installed the companion app on my phone. I must have scheduled the first race that way. Thanks for the tip on using ZwiftPower as well.

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