Race sheldue…

Where can i find a race schedule for days forward. I want to plan my rides more than just find something 1houer before and why only short races like 30-40min?!?

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The companion app has races for the next 7 days.

or you can use: Events

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Try scanning weekend races to find longer races (there are some during the week but mostly on the weekend)…

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ZwiftHacks , use the size tab if you want races of a certain distance.

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i like the zwiftpower events page, but zwifthacks also has one

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Is the person that runs zwifthacks on this forum?

Now that more and more events are ‘private-public’ (not on the public schedule) it would be great to have a place to list them all outside of Zwift. ZwiftHacks seems like the perfect place? Organisers could add their events to the calendar so that people can find them easily.


@Jesper_ZwiftHacks - I think so.


Yes, I’m here. :wink:

I actually do have a solution so clubs can publish their events at ZwiftHacks, it just haven’t been released. With the upcoming changes to the public race calendar I’m considering releasing it, probably over the holidays.


Sounds great. Thanks for all you do!

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As does zwiftracing.app and it show 1min, 2min ,5 min in addition to 20 min power if you select a specific race which I don’t think ZP does.