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I agree with this I did set up an event on zwift when first started (it still features) and had to justify it heavily even though it was significantly different to anything else out there. If the same process was followed for all existing events I find it hard to understand how some were allowed on the schedule.

I wonder how for example Thursday evenings Alsace drifted into being TT night? Surely when the various race organisers pitched their plans someone could have said hang on we’ve now got 12 TT races in a 90 minute period maybe that’s a bit too many. Riders who want to ride a TT have too much choice and therefore field sizes are small. Riders who don’t have 1/2 races to choose from too little choice.

Because the organisers don’t have ability to communicate with each other and this can lead to saturation in some parts of schedule and gaps in others.

Do you really think race organisers are happy when they see a different event within 15 mins of theirs as same format and course? If it were me I would want to know that to tweak my format and offer a usp.

This issue hasn’t gone away.

Check out this upcoming schedule error

Three races separated by 20 mins all on same course and distance. What’s the point in that?

@xflintx as you’ve been super helpful in other topics I want to bring this one to your attention. It’s something that drives me mad!

Plenty about to read as examples but in essence I would like more thought to go into the ordering of events. It annoys me when

There are 5/6 events going off within a 5 min gap and then nothing for 20mins +. (This is usually because organisers cluster start times around hour / half hour).

There are no events in an hour window or only specific events (80km climbing races).

There are multiple events on same course distance in close proximity in the schedule.

Put simply I think zwift should apply some rules in the schedule

  1. A min 5 min gap between every event.
  2. No duplicate course / distance events in an hour period
  3. Full in the dead spots in the schedule so that there is a variety 24/7.

All above are in the interests of race organisers, racers and zwift. All that is required is a little more thought in the schedule by the events team.

That’s great feedback, and I’ll give it personally to the team that is responsible for that. I appreciate the detail and the thoughts!

The events calendar is definitely something that is tough to navigate at times, and usually for those reasons. Thankfully ZP gives a robust filtering system, but that doesn’t necessarily solve what you’re pointing out.

Keep it coming!


Heard loud and clear. My newly formed team of Content Programming is in charge of this and are working to formalize the calendar based on time slot popularity, event type (who does it cater to), and also duration. A key reason why so much is at the top of the hour is so much can finish within the hour (it’s lunch time somewhere!).

Your specific points here are definitely on our consideration list now. I’ve been meeting with club and event organizers weekly and taking in their feedback to create this structure multiple times per week.

All ears to any additional specific feedback you have.



It doesn’t matter if they use the same course. It’s completely different races.
You are asking for your opinion to be carried out without first asking the community if anyone agrees with you or has a better idea than telling organizers what time or course they can choose.
I would put forth that every day should include a Bologna race. What organizer should Zwift tell that they must host this course? I don’t understand how that would work. They are all independent.


Okay, I chime in: I agree the schedule could use more diversity. I would like to see more recovery rides on something other than Tempus. Having multiple similar events going out on the same course at the same time makes no sense. I would also like to see the big events that span multiple days have some diversity in start times. Originally the TdZ had start times spaced out by four hours and they started at the same times every day. I prefer to start rides at 5am Pacific during the week and 6am Pacific on the weekends. Change it up for the people who have schedules they would like to keep.

There Zee, feel better about things?

There’s a long list of requests on these forums. A little feedback is much appreciated. I would suggest you comment on the avatar selection for para-cyclists at that thread. Also, some preview info on clubs. What is needed to qualify (500 members or 1000?, etc)
Again, welcome to the world of Zwift Mark…and thanks for reading. This feedback is part of what made me fall in love with Zwift. I love the Zwift comments during live races, Facebook questions answered, feature requests considered. As cyclists we all pull in slightly different directions. (I would love a velodrome but I also recognize there are very few track cyclists here. And that it would prove more difficult than perhaps BKool’s version. I just like knowing that my small voice is heard.
Thanks again.


It must be really frustrating as an event organiser to see another race on same course taking off at the same time as yours. All this does is split the field over two or more races when a single race would suffice.

A simple message from zwift ahead of the event to the organisers advising there is a clash I am sure would result in a different course choice.

To answer @Mark_Cote

I understand the logic of start times to fit around lunch breaks etc but it is really frustrating if you are running a few mins late to see you’ve just missed an event start and then have to wait 25 mins for next one. Also do we really need 4/5/6 events setting off at same time? 1 or 2 events with a clear point of difference is preferable.

I’ve listed some other ideas above but accept there is no right / wrong on this. All I am saying is that there is so much variety on zwift in course styles and length that it really should be possible to have a varied event schedule over the whole of the 24/7 calendar so that there is something for everyone. And one final thing my view is that having lots of events with 20 finishers is worse than a few events with 50+. We don’t need more events we need more of the right events.

Hi, I am following the forum for a long time - you seem to be the only one who thinks someone has to organise the schedule.
Sorry, 2 votes - so perhaps 3.
Organisers do their best for the community, they set the races, group rides, workouts etc. so that it suites them - and this is exactly what it is.

@xflintx @Marc_Cote … I love Zwift, but I understand the communication and development less and less. You both answer a thread with 2 votes, threads with hundreds or thousand are being ignored for month or years…


We’re working the time slot problem. Your notes of what you’d like to experience as a Zwifter - super helpful. These are really good points and we are beginning to look at the most saturated of the 168 hours as well as the most open times where great rides aren’t yet being hosted (lots of evening North America times).

Thank you for this!


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Hi Marc,
in attachment examples, from Feature request forum - take a look at archived threads, too, please. That is why I wrote my last post here…

Thanks, Milan

I look at Saturday and Sunday . I understand that these are days where people have more time so makes sense to have longer riders in these days. But there are very few shorter 20-30km races. Please consider this too.

I guess we can’t say it is fixed until situations like I have seen today (05 feb) with an szr race at 1630 and crit city race at 1645 both over the bell lap same number of laps.

I’ll step back now as sounds like you’re making progress. Good luck.


Can we have an update please?

It feels like little progress has been made and I still see events bunched on the hour / half hour. Please can we have minimum gaps between the start of races (5 mins).

If I could have one thing it would be the enforcement of 5 min gaps between race starts

It’s crazy to have sometimes 5 or more races starting at same time and then no event starting for another 30 minutes. As you know the schedule has many examples of this.

You have a great platform with 24/7 opportunities please give us races of all types spread throughout the week!

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We haven’t forced any action across the complete calendar yet. We host over 1,000 community generated events/week and are still building the “rule book” to help sort the schedule.

Once this proposal exists, we will work with the community to agree to these rules, and then begin enforcing them. We’re fortunate to have such a rabid community of event builders/promoters that we’re current focused on supporting them and have not yet broken down requesting each to build an event for a given time slot.

Noted your clear ask of a near “on-demand” race. Currently, scheduling by time slots is the way to do this.

So no near term updates on this. It’s a complex one and the Events team is on it. Recent scheduling improvements we’ve made - Tour de Zwift every hour on the hour for the stages; TdZ make-ups every 15 minutes so within 2 hours you have all 8 stages covered.

All ears for any other scheduling ideas as we’re working on it now!


Thanks for the reply.

The TDZ is definitely a positive with the flexibility over the day. The choice of running “on the hour” is a good point for debate. I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t have been (for example) ten past the hour thus removing congestion on the hour mark.

From a third party perspective I get the challenges in working all stakeholders but in the most part all you would need is a few to move +/- five mins. It really wouldn’t matter to those events as that’s such a small adjustment it would not affect their success.

Today (19 feb) there are ELEVEN events starting at 1900 GMT. Surely we can do better.

As I recently suggested on some other thread, for event series with a calendar planned in advance, it would be helpful if all the events were configured at once with the correct details instead of the current practice of weekly repeating events that eventually get modified before the next event. Being able to sign up to specific races beforehand would be useful especially if not just planning to do the whole series but rather just specific weeks for whatever reason. (I am currently signed up to a couple of races more than a month from now so clearly it is technically possible.)

Of course there’s a design choice there about accommodating two quite different user needs, turn-up-and-go racing (all Zwift’s native event search tools are clearly designed for this purpose only, considering how difficult it is to do anything with events more than a few hours in the future…) vs. doing specific races according to a longer-term plan.

Noted and agree - thanks M Wattwell.


Anna, thanks for this. Great points all around. We do want to publish calendars of events farther into the future. Some of this is simply scheduling and planning and some tech limitations affect how we’d do this. Very much noted and we will work towards progressing this.

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