Events plan

don’t don’t know about anyone else but I find it increasingly frustrating the disorganisation of the events plan in zwift. There’s so many parties planning races but doesn’t seem to be anyone co-coordinating this to ensure users get a broad variety of choices.

By way of example on coming Friday at 1705 and 1730 gmt there are two races scheduled both on volcano circuit one of 10 laps and one of 8! There are no races ± 40 mins from this so no choice whatsoever.

I believe each 24 hour should be divided into 8 3 hour blocks. Within each block there should be a minimum of

1 long race +40km flat
1 mid race 20-40km flat
1 short race -20km flat
1 TT
1 long race +40km hilly
1 mid race 20-40km hilly
1 short race -20km hilly

And where possible each of the above should be on different courses. Ie long races are not simply extended versions of the shorter routes.

The above applies to races but could equally apply to group rides as well.

Come on Zwift get control of this!

Hi Matthew these races are not set up by Zwift these are race organizers that organize these rides/races. Each organizer has a few set time slots that they use and that can decide what course and type of event they want to do.

Zwift has ultimate control over this. All events are scheduled 48 hours + ahead so if they saw that race organisers had duplicated options within a set period then they could block or ask for a rethink. This is a 20 minute job each day to simply skim the schedule and make sure there’s variety over the day.

So yes the events are run by different organisers but the schedule is Zwifts and they should control it

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