More racing events on schedule

(Anton Kovalnogov (B)) #1

Could be good if we have different types of racing (mountain, hilly, flat, tt etc) say within an hour. Is it an issue to have few events at the same time? would be good if we can have a choice among them.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #2

I think one of the problems Zwift have at the moment is that creating events is a very manual process that involves email. =) And that creates bottlenecks (and the occasional mistake).

This might be solved soon - I’ve heard some rumours that there might be a web-based Event management system.

Also, of course you need people who want to organise races.

There may be plenty of people who want to do that. Maybe they’ve been put off by Zwift because of the first problem - i.e. they can only handle a certain number of races.

But another problem with having too much choice is that you run the risk of having a sub-standard race experience. Say there are 5 races all at the same time. And maybe 200 people who want to enter a race at that time. You might find that one race has 180 people and the others have almost no one in them. You might find they are evenly spread and have 40 people each. But that then becomes maybe 10 people per category. It’s quite a different experience from racing in a bigger pack.

Of course that is a problem that itself will probably go away as more and more people join Zwift this winter - and I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up craving more concurrent races to try and make the fields smaller. Would be a nice problem for Zwift to have! :smiley:

(Anton Kovalnogov (B)) #3

Good points, Daren, but i meant different type of races in same time. Guess we already have enough racers. I can recal some zwift races 1.5 year ago in my timezone gmt +03 - there could be 5 - 10 participants, these days things changed, good bunch in every category.
Agree, that there should be number of people whanted to organise events, and zwift event management put them off for some reason…

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #4

Yeah, I understand that. There are definitely people who would chose a hill climb over a time trial, or a hilly race over a flat one. Plenty who’ll race anything and everything too!

To be honest, I just think racing hasn’t been a focus for Zwift. I dare say they’re more focussed on growing the platform and subscriber numbers, and there are more efficient ways to do that than concentrating on racing as such.

That’s not to say they’ve entirely ignored racing, and I know they work closely with ZwiftPower and some of the race series organisers for example. But the tools that would really support racing just aren’t in our hands yet. I’m sure more will be coming though - we have the new KISS race series coming up, and the recently-announced partnership with British Cycling to support an eSports race series.

(Pitch Blank) #5

Simple solution.
Create an option to manually create a race server on whatever map.
Create another option to see these servers (on a table).
Create another option to filter these races/“events”.
Create another option to join these races.

As said many times every online game has that option.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #6

Not as much these days. Overwatch launched without it for example. That does have custom games now, but they came along long after the initial launch.

Fortnite doesn’t have it does it? The biggest online game, with 200m players.

These days with the move to console-friendly matchmaking systems, we see much less in the way of dedicated servers. 20 or even 10 years ago, absolutely; games like Quake, Unreal Tournament, or even TF2 were built on the idea of individual servers running specific settings.

I don’t think the door is closed to it though. As you say, it’s a common approach - and when we eventually get our velodrome, that will have ho be instanced. :wink: