Ive heard about Sauce. I run Zwift off a Samsung A8 tablet. Is it compatible? Whats the general purpose? Wider, sauce for strava, ditto. Worth it? How do i access?


There’s no Android version so it’s not compatible I’m afraid.

What is “sauce” ?

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Not really useful for runners to be honest.

I actually found it useful for running. I don’t wear my glasses running, but can’t read the zwift hud.

Cue sauce and some super sized speed and gap windows.
That was a while ago before the modders all created their cool stuff too !

I could see that would be of use Mike. I finally relented and started running in glasses.

Most of the important data in running is big enough but i couldn’t make out the names in the nearby list.

I guess Sauce might have helped but wearing glasses was the better option.

I hate wearing mine for running, cycling I can tolerate. Got some sunnies with optical insert, pros and cons. Not something I felt hugely comfortable running with.

So yeah, I do agree it’s not super optimised for running, you can still get some data out that isn’t otherwise available (averages etc).