New UI sneak peak

Just seen an amazing looking set up on Zwift Instagram feed. See below.

Has a brand new UI / HUD. Wondered if this is the future of Zwift and a new customisable HUD :pray:t3:

Looks quite a bit like Sauce

judging by the Christmas tree in the background not too new!

interesting gradient graph at the bottom of the screen though

Didn’t this pop up before and it transpired it wasn’t even Zwift?

It’s Sauce 4 Zwift mod overlays, with Zwift running HUDless.

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But why would Zwift post it if it’s not even part of their own product?

Probably sharing pain cave pics from customers. They do that. Social media team may not even know about Sauce.

That was a user pain cave pic shared on Strava.

lol at this thread. 100% Sauce but it is funny that it garners that response.

The time for sensible questions has long past…

Sauce & its many mods do a fantastic job& uplift of the zwift experience, especially from a visual perspective - Still not sure they should be sharing all and sundry data for every Zwift user on a opt out basis. Just being opt out & not opt in should set some alarm bells ringing at Zwift HQ.

Though this was an early April fools