I see sandbagging comes up some times here, but i do not really get what it means.
As i can read, it is when you join a class that is to low for your skill level.

I got placed my swift in category C, D is blacked out, even i think i belong there :P. I need to give really everything to get att that 2,5w/kg level, for sure if i need to climb a hill, or hold up on a longer race. did now a shorter race, and could come close to the 3w. but all other people where just getting away from me like it was nothing.
I only finished my second race now, and already somebody asked if i was sandbagging because i did 3w/kg and was in the last place. What does that mean… if i need to get in to B, i can just turn off the system, how boring is that gonna be??? everybody will just fly away from me.



hi Tella,

I would say the best description i’d giving is when you are riding in races that are below your ability.

Generally that would be when you see people finishing on the podium race after race.
Some people class sandabgging purely on power but i don’t feel that is right.

3 w/kg is certainly not sanbagging there will be ridings doing up to about 3.4 so i would not worry about it.


Sandbagging is a term used to denote someone who competes in categories below their ability to gain an unfair advantage in races. There are an institution in Eracing Lol