Code 7 during a race that is pretty much uphill

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So category C states 2.5-3.2 w/kg I totally agree with that. But for example I got coded 7 today for being 3.3 w/kg on ZRL in a course that was pretty hilly with 2 big KOM. So @zwift employees aren’t you guys expecting an increase in the w/kg in a race that is uphill. Why in that type of situation coding is hold unless a disproportionate number w/kg is resulting in the race. Not sure it is fair. Even the pacers increase their w/kg going up.
Is this encouraging sandbagging with racers holding their wattage not to get disqualified.

Maybe take it up with WTRL as they make the rules and issue the DQ’s - I’m unsure why they would consider 3.5w/kg 20min as excessive for Cat C.


So a hillier course exposed you as actually having more power and are able to sustain it! The only question then is why you can’t apply that on the flat (unless of course you are deliberately sandbagging).

That point is actually a known issue. Many people (me included) find it easier to maintain their power when the resistance is from a slope, rather than just the increased drag on the flat coming from your own pace. If you want to race, holding a high pace through your own effort is one of the skill you have to practice.

So don’t blame Zwift, ZRL or the course for revealing that you are potentially a better rider than you thought.


It shows you better at climbing and time trial. Flats is weakness for you as you need something to help ramp up the power, not just turn it on like a sprinter flatter terrain. But unlike sprinter you the ability to hold the power for long time to ftp boost.

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this is common occurrence when it comes to routes with hills, i remember when they did the innsbruck kom loads went over cat limits

wtrl is full of sandbaggers though, it is well known


My problem is that in this type of course you would expect an increase in the w/kg average because you are putting lots of wattage to make the cut.

The whole idea behind these categories is that the racer go and ride as hard as they can (FTP test) and that will determine the rider category. Many riders never do a full 20 minute hard effort to determine their category and therefore are in lower categories. That is why these climbing events expose/challenge the riders that has never done a all out effort for 20 minutes.


huh? :thinking:

What is the absolute limit now? Does WTRL use 95% like zwiftpower? A guy in my region (C cat) did 3.3 w/kg, got a code 7, then it was reversed in the middle of the night and he is back in the results. Also, he is a B on zwiftpower, so what is going on?

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WTRL :upside_down_face: :woozy_face:


my team captain emailed WTRL for an explanation… we’ll see…

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WTRL operate the same cat system as ZP, at least for the ZRL series. However, they generally allow a +0.1 W/kg leeway (so 3.3 W/kg for cat-C) and for some races they allow an even greater leeway but don’t specify it (in an attempt to minimize sandbagging).

Not sure how the guy who’s B on ZP is even racing as a C, if it’s ZRL (unless he’s only just upgraded?).


perhaps, the race last night might have thrown him into B?

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wtrl will give no answer

This is just the special wtrl algorithm and cat boundaries that no one knows.

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Yes it a waste of time to reach out to them. I still think Rut @zwift should reach out to them and work a solution for uphills races and riders being coded. Not reasonable at all.

Not sure I understand. If your personal best is done on a hill, and it’s B cat level power then that probably should bump you to B cat correct? What difference does it make if it was done on flat or a hill? I would imagine many people’s PBs were done on hills, and if you can push 3.5w/kg for 20 mins I imagine cat enforcement would put you into B cat no?


sarc flag fail :wink:


It’s so painful. When will it stop.


i choose the easy answer:

its the 20min-problem.

thousands of threads describe it enough

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who’s ready for twenty one 15-30s sprints in the span of 30km next week?

Whoever thought it was a good idea needs paddling