Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 not supported?

Hi Zwifters,

did somebody make the Fold 2 work with Zwift?

I made it that far:

  • App download OK
  • Welcome screen with some finger acrobatics mastered
  • all my Bluetooth stuff connected
  • Menu screen working, choosing a world or training no issues
  • Game starts, but then the resolution is completely messed up. Cannot see anything, only a blurry part of the game screen

I played with Fold 2 Fullscreen app settings (Fold users know what I mean) but no success so far.

Any idea / solution would be highly appreciated.


I have the same issue. Just upgraded my OnePlus 8 Pro to the new Android OS and its giving the same issue you have.

It worked fine prior to the upgrade.

Me too, just logged in and got the same result.

I also have the fold 2 and wondering if you ever found the fix for this ? Thanks.

I don’t have this phone so I can’t test, but I wonder if this suggestion on the thread about DEX might help you. Please report back on your results.

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I will report when my RUNN arrives this Thursday,thanks for the reply!