Zwift on Galaxy Fold2 5G


There’s an obvious incompatibility between Zwift and the Galaxy Fold2 5G (and I’m guessing the original fold as well). When in “tablet” mode, once you’ve gone past the pairing/selection screens and go into the world, even as “Just Watch”, the aspect ratio of Zwift is wrong, controls are cut off, and everything seems greyed out.

Zwift will work in landscape mode on the tiny non-tablet screen, so it’s not hardware incompatibility: it just seems that you have to conform to the aspect ratio of the tablet screen properly – which you do for non-world screens, but not for in-game screens.

The specs indicate the following:

Interior screen:

  • 7.6’’ QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X (22.5:18) Infinity Flex Display (2208x1768)
  • 373ppi
  • HDR10+ certified
  • 120Hz refresh rate

Exterior screen:

  • 6.2’’ HD+ Super AMOLED Display (25:9) (2260x816)
  • 386ppi

Yes, weird aspect ratios. But if you can work with 25:9 (!)…

Thanks for your consideration: it’d really be great if this worked.

Well, I’ve discovered a fix.

If you install Good Lock from the Galaxy Store, and then install Multistar, you can force a 3:2 aspect ratio for the Zwift app.

If you do this…it works! Totally reasonable workaround, but wish it handled it properly without a hack like this.

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