Samsung Fold 3

Hi have the fold 3 and when I open zwift on the small screen it works fine but if I open it on the big screen it doesn’t show properly and I have see a half of pause button with a misty screen


I’m not sure Zwift will have been optimised for folding mobiles.

Obviously not ? Hence the post ?


The folding is a unique thing for Samsung, Zwift is built for a standard Android build. You could raise a ticket but given the proprietary nature of your phone I suspect it’ll be one for Samsung to resolve.

It looks like the software is not able to go to full screen ? I have loads of games Call of duty, need for speed blah blah they all work fantastic on it ??

Probably best to submit a ticket and see if it can be included in a future release but I suspect it’ll not be anytime soon as there are issues affecting a larger number of users than this with your particular device.