Samsumg and ANT+

I have a Samsung galaxy which does have ANT+ capabilities. I also have wahoo sensors that are bluetooth and ANT+. I have had a lot of difficulties with the initial connection and startup of a ride and believe it may be because the bluetooth sensors and he app aren’t working well. Specifially, I will get everything connecred and start a ride on my computer but it wont read anything or switch the app off the homescreen. I was successfull when i pedalled the whole time (from sensor connection to ride initiation). I have no idea how to make it work, but would switching over to ANT+ potentially help resolve this problem?

Samsung Galaxy phones have issues with connecting sensors in Zwift. If you are  using a PC get an Ant+ dongle and you will be riding in sixty seconds.

We have some tips if you want to try troubleshooting the Mobile Link app not switching off the home screen.

Also, as far as I’m aware, Zwift can’t bridge ANT+ through a phone.