ANT+ and or Mobile Link


Newbie post. 

I recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr and for the first few rides used my IPhone 6 to connect Wahoo and Zwift via Mobile Link, but it seemed not to be a reliable way to connect all sensors (Cadence and Heart). So I purchased a Wahoo Ant+.

This connects to the PC Zwift and the Wahoo +sensors wonderfully, but I note that the Mobile link doesn’t seem to ride (used to allow me to control the ride as it should do).

Am I correct in assuming that the Ant+ now means the Mobile Link wont work ?

I will try by disconnecting the ANT+ and seeing if the Mobile Link works.

Really happy with Zwift and loving the ability to ride at night and when its raining outside and even catch up on my DVD collection… :slight_smile:


It should still work. The mobile link app works through WiFi not Ant+. Have you got WiFi turned on on your phone? 

Thanks John,

I reinstalled the Mobile link and all works now, I like the reliability of the ANT+ and being able to control the app from my phone again is great.:slight_smile:


Thanks Nic no problem it can take a while to get get to grips with everything at first. Yes the ML app has come on a lot over the past year I’ve been using it. It has a lot of functionality now I particularly like the map.