RX 6900xt - no UltraHD mode

The cards have been added to our list so it’s just a matter of time; I got that confirmation from our graphics engineer yesterday afternoon. However, I’m not confident they’ll be in the next update given the timing of the impending release and what our process leading up to that means. There’s a small chance, but it’s more likely they’ll be added in the release after this one.

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I checked my menu options a few days ago and there was no ultra option. AMD Powercolor 6800xt Red Devil card. So please double check. I will check again the settings on my end to confirm.

Confirmed double checked. Highest menu setting is 1080p with according to the log is the basic profile.

The way we have to integrate cards doesn’t allow them to be immediately available. It’s a file that we add cards to, and then when that file is update the cards we’ve added for Ultra/4k support are then able to use those settings on the next game update. We don’t yet have it in real time or even within a few hours, it’s tied to game releases right now. I assure you the cards will be able to use the Ultra/4k settings soon, just likely not in the next release given timing as I said above.


Thank you so much for your quick response. As long as its being worked on im good with waiting.