Running with an iPhone / Screen Adaption?

(Gerrit Weiß) #1

Well, I’m using an iPhone XS and a footpod for doing Zwift Running Workouts at the Gym’s treadmill… everything is fine but there is one thing I would REALLY like to be changed:

The Information during the workout (on the left side to see which intervals are next and how long the current interval will last resp. how long the WO will going on) is much too small. During a run you just can have a good guess, what’s happening. For Gym-Runners it definitely is an option to use their iPhones instead of their iPads since it is the smaller device. I think you will have to adjust the running screen for iPhone-/Smartphone-screens… because there are much more (potential) iPhone-users than iPad users… at least in the Gym-setting. Zwift Running makes so much fun - please make the information during runs “seeable”… Thx a lot. PS: Please Change the “Ride On” in a “Run On”…