Running trainng plan too hard

Hi, can you help me out?

I’m halfway the 16 week 13.1k training plan. The difficulty was perfect until I finished an absolutely amazing second 5k test. Zwift has now increased the difficulty to a level that is not even remotely realistic. I had to quit the 15k after 10k because I was just spent, and I also had to quit the interval day after 5 of 7 intervals.

I’ve looked around for how to make the plan easier. For cyclists, it’s the ftp setting, but not for runners. I read somewhere that changing the PR settings for each distance should change the schedule difficulty. Did that for all except the 5k (because I’m proud of that one), but this does not appear to make things different. The bias appears to be a per-workout thing.

So, is it possible to change the difficulty of all remaining workouts in the plan?


Ordinarily changing your PR’s would change the workouts. I suspect you’ll have to change the 5k too. Make a note of the time and change it back later although who knows you may even better it again.

You can adjust the difficulty during the workout too. I think by up to 10% using the arrows at the bottom of the workout detail.

In theory your stellar 5km run indicates that you could do the harder workouts. However, this is not the same for everyone. My suggestion is that you either adjust the bias for workouts that appear too hard, i.e. make interval workouts 95% rather than 100% bias (effort), or simply push on and accept that you may not get all the stars in some workouts.