Running attire boredom

I find that the zwift shirts at all levels for running are frankly boring. I would recommend finding some creative attire, including differences in male vs female shirt styles. Every level up I am disappointed to see the same old same old and everyone looking like everyone else. Let’s spice it up! Sometimes it is really about the bling!

Maybe when running comes out of beta. I would also think there would need to be more growth in the running portion also.

So you don’t like the clothes and you don’t like the courses Chris.

Do you actually like running?


i agree there should be a few more options. i’d like to see a speedo and 80’s oakley sunglasses and sweet mustache to make the 80’s Tri look,
and maybe a Forest Gump “run forest run” outfit. they might as well have some fun with it.


As a triathlete I’d like to see some of the national Triathlon shirts come across from the cycle side.

More running outfits would be awesome!!

Susie, do you take part in any of the group events or series?

There are often jerseys to be had there.

I wish there was running singlets! I hate running in a t-shirt as it gets so hot, especially when running near the volcano :rofl:

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Lol, I think owing to the limitations it’ll be t-shirts only. Same reason you can’t have hair below the shoulder.