Running 2 trainers at once?

hi, I own an Elite Suito direct drive trainer and want to purchase another one for my wife and set them up side by side with 2 this and spple pucks. will there be any issues with doing this. will both trainers be able to pair into Apple TV zeift and operate independently?

thank you , Chris

Hi @Chris_Burden_DB_Raci, welcome to the forums. This should work in theory just fine. I believe many people use multiple setups right next to each other without issues. Pro teams do this all the time.

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Aw, based on the subject line I thought the question would have been something that could have been answered with this GPLama classic:

Hi @Chris_Burden_DB_Raci

I run 2 trainers next to each other. One is a Cyclops H3 and the other uses a Stages PM. Both on ANT+.

The only thing is when pairing you need to make sure you pic the correct trainer.