Rule #0: no underwear under bibs

Dear Zwift,

As road cyclists, we all know not to wear “tighty-whities” under bibs…

But the Zwift avatar dude seems not to have learned this.

I ride with the black Century kit and it’s pretty clear my avatar has decided it would be cool to wear some Underoos…  especially when seen from the down low trailing view.

This must be fixed.  

No gitch on Zwift!

Thank you!

PC version @ 4K / Ultra if that matters.

Haha. This made my day.

Is it not just supposed to be padding in the bib short present? Or are you looking at something else?

Hey Stef,  

I’m looking at the diagonal bulging lines on the dude’s backside that form a V from just above the saddle.  Generally chamois padding lines don’t run like that… I know there are some chamois’ that have a V-cutout notched in the back but I don’t think they would look like this when viewed from behind anyway.  That would be the world’s biggest chamois.  

I’m leaning towards this was not “by design”… it’s kind of like his sit bones are pushing out the back of his derriere. Polygons gone wild.