Spandex interferes with MTB steering (add baggies)

I’m finding the steering on Repack Ridge a bit challenging. Tried a bunch of things with my phone setup. But I think it might be the in-game spandex on my avatar causing the issue. IRL I’ve never seen anyone get rad on dirt while going full Richard Simmons. Is it possible to unlock some MTB shorts and maybe a loose fitting jersey?

Hehe, hi Warren. Great suggestion!

I dare say that as Zwift introduce more off-road sections and mountain bikes, this is one area they might expand into.

It’s not quite as straight forward as adding road jerseys. They’ll have to create different models that look like baggies. Not a particularly difficult job, but more time consuming.

It’ll certainly help the MTB community feel more represented and valued within the game.

(I’ve moved your post to the Feature Requests section, as it’s more that than a bug or support question.)

That’s a fair point. And if I had to choose between MTB shorts on Repack vs access to a new dirt trail but having to go full banandex, I might choose the latter.

Kudos to Zwift getting the MTB trail and steering going in the first place. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

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