Rubber band not working in events

Started running winter training classes again on zwift but this year the rubber band although selected when i create the weekly meet up does not work, or has deselected when the workouts begin. Is this a known bug ? And anyone else experiencing this?

Has worked fine for the last 2 years

No it’s recommended to not use it anymore by Zwift and they have taken an action to deactivate it in events that had it on. Maybe it’s because of that…

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I wasn’t entirely clear, but I thought he was talking about a Meetup, where the “keep together” option should work (but is still a bit buggy).

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Yes thats correct Steve its meet up i am referring to and the keep everyone together option. I have such a wide range of abilities in my group it was perfect for making the training more inclusive.

Once at the meet up riders them select a costume workout i have sent them and off we go. But the keep everyone together has not worked for 2 weeks now

For me “keep everyone together” works but recently it’s very hard (sometimes impossible) to close the gap, one rider is stuck in front and others can only pass in downhills. This started to happen after the September update I think.

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Thanks Cassio - that description sounds very similar to what I have experienced. Hopefully it can be fixed in the next update

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I thought in your case the riders were not kept together at all. In my case we are kept together, but there’s no logic, a rider putting more watts can’t reach the rider ahead, it looks like the group is stuck at the speed of the rider in front, even with another rider pushing a lot harder behind.

I think it’s always been that way. Ever try a workout ride? You have A cat wkg riders with D cat wkg riders, doing completely and extremely different watts.

For me it was not always like that (normal ride, not workout). The speed of rider putting more watts used to be reduced, but one could move ahead or behind other riders by pushing harder or easier (up to the rubber band limit). Now the rider which starts ahead stays ahead even if other rider behind is putting much more power.

The first time I noticed the behavior change was on late September so I guess the bug was introduced in update 1.0.105233 or 1.0.105318 (I noticed a new feature called game_1_29_ignore_private_meetups_in_group_event_processing_logic was introduced in 1.0.105233, might be related).

We have not experience this and we do keep together rides dayley.

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Do pack dynamics impact the behaviour in rubberbanded meetups?

I see the parameters for “game_1_30_pack_dynamics_v4” are being changed.

Maybe the fitness levels of your group riders are not very different? As @Alastair_Semple_Staf stated, his group has a wide range of abilities.

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They could not be further appart Cassio, some with ftp as low as 150w others up to 300w, some 60kg others 85+kg. We are all part of the same IRL club and i organise these weekly meet up training sessions through the winter which are as much a social as a workout. Thankfully discord keeps us together still.

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