Route Starting Location?

Is there any way to start a route at a specific point? Some routes are very long, and for a new rider that simply does not have the fitness to ride, say a 20 mile route, but can do 10, they would like to take off on the next day at that same 10 mile point, so they can see the entire route over the 2 days. Is there a way to do this?

Sadly not at the moment, but with joining robopacers and teleporting it should be possible to port yourself to anywhere on the map.

Hopefully one day it might be implemented.

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Does anyone know how long you can leave Zwift sitting on the in-game pause menu?

If the answer’s “24 hours or more” then there’s an obvious solution …


I think a session can only last 24 hours so if you ride and hour you can pause for 22 hours then ride for another hour.

I seem to remember this might have changed though as some people did stupidly long super endurance rides.

February/March 2020 so may now be out of date.