Route profile on screen

Hi all.
I tried a couple of apps to use with my Tacx. And to be honest, Zwift was the only platform which was intuitive and worked right away.
There is however one big disadvantage compared to the other apps, there is no profile of the route visible in the screen. I would imagine that when starting a route, the profile of that route is visible including an icon of where your are on that route. It is really nice to know what is ahead, especially for the somewhat lesser experienced riders, like me…
Anyone knows if I am missing something? And if not, why Zwift made this choice not to show it?

Thanks for your thoughts…

No you are not missing anything. And yes, this has been suggested a lot. And no, Zwift has not done anything about all the requests. The primary request is for a better display of the profile on the main display screen (be it computer, tablet, phone) and one that is accurate for the whole route. At present they show a very small profile and it is for a piece of the ride that you are on and making an assumption about at turn that may not even be the direction one’s route is going. This is an absurdly bad implementation and people have expressed that tons.

I had not seen a request for profile on the Companion App also, but that is a good idea to show it across the bottom of the map screen.

Yes, I totally recognize all you wrote. It would be good if Zwift showed some effort on granting customer’s wishes regarding this subject…
About what you said on the Companion app, I still don’t have that app and I still don’t know why I should use it… I just ride my routes and the first time I want to touch my phone/tablet during the ride is when I need to finish it. I don’t know what I am missing out on by only using the Zwift app without the Companion app…

Yes, I agree on your questioning why use the Companion App. For the most part it just sits there when I’m riding. The couple use models I do have for it are below. What other use models do others have for the CA?

  • On the Map page, the red circle around your arrow makes it very easy to give 5 people around you a “Ride On”. Totally a toy of the the game, it is there to encourage others, and for a few seconds after receiving one you accumulate Drops at a much faster rate, so folks like to share Ride On’s to others. I do as well. This works during a workout and free-ride, it does not exist during a group ride. This is part of the theory of gamification

  • If you want to capture an image of the screen, the ribbon of buttons on the bottom at the far right is the most reliable way. For some people, including me, the F10 button on the laptop does not work. This is a known bug.

  • Sometimes I want to zoom out further on the map than the on-screen map can do, so I use the CA for this

  • On a very hard workout that blows me into anaerobic range and I want to extend the tiny low wattage break between intervals a touch to let the HR come down, the pause button on the workout screen is the way to do that.

  • Before a ride, the CA is the easiest way to search for an event/ride/race to join.

Overall, it is far less useful than it should be, but at times really nice. This could be a good topic for a new thread. Get users list of helpful use cases for the CA. There may be other things in there to learn from or about.