Route based workouts

Workouts that use the course and elevation rather than time in zone and erg.

hilly route; warm up to the bottom of the climb. Arch at the red line: hold x% of ftp until top of climb. Recover on way down. Sprint at 200% ftp for sprint. Recover through lumpy bit. Sprint warm ups through end of lumps. Sprint finish to route final arch. Cool down.

Tempus fugit: warm up to sprint start, sprint, steady watts from arch to arch, cool down.

I know there’s route workouts on the zwift racing plan but they’re not actually tied to the route itself. This is possibly how many already use routes in free ride, but prompts and the target power would help people really push for the line. I’ll kill myself for a star in a way I don’t with a predicted finish time on a climb.

This feature was rolled out at the start of Zwift Academy 2022.

Can you please guide me to this? I haven’t seen it in any of the workout sections.
I know you can choose any route on a workout but haven’t seen where the workout is controlled by the terrain itself rather than time.

Edit: found a zwift insider article on exactly this. Doesn’t seem to be currently a live feature?

It doesn’t exist anymore, it didn’t work right and ZHQ scrapped the entire concept.

Great idea if they’d done it properly though.