Route Achievement/Badges-Added Metrics

So in addition to other requests asking for the ability to launch a route straight from the badge screen, another feature that might be kind of cool would be having metrics next to, or layered on top of the badge image. Information like date last completed, time, avg. speed, and either avg watts, or avg watts/kg, and maybe avg. heart rate might be kind of cool information to save along with the achievement.

My thinking here is that having that information sort of makes the route badge/achievement almost akin to Strava segments but without necessarily including leader board info (although that might be cool too, but asking a lot there). Thought is that once you’ve gone through and achieved all of the routes, assuming that’s one of your goals, or if you just want to ride the same few routes, but want to continue to challenge yourself especially if you do a lot of route free-riding, having that data up on the badge screen gives you an idea of what to shoot for during your next ride of that route if you want to improve on your time, speed, etc.

Hopefully keeps the badges and route riding challenging beyond just the initial ride and gives you that information within the game app itself without having to go out to Zwiftpower, or Strava or Garmin Connect to find the data.

While this isn’t housed in Zwift, there are route leaderboards.

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