Ronde van Vlaanderen

As wanna-be Flemish Flandrien who doesn’t live too close to the Vlaamse Ardennen I would just love a couple of routes based on RvV. The most iconic climbs. Some hard tours, some shorter laps with just couple of climbs around Oudenaarde. To train myself for the real work outside during winter/bad weather. Think people over the world would also appreciate this given the iconic status of our races here…thks

Everybody thinks their iconic route should be in Zwift. I think it’s clear that this isn’t going to happen. Expansions to existing worlds to create longer/more options are more likely. The new Scotland world is only loosely based in reality and has happened due to the first ever combined UCI Cycling World Championships happening in Scotland this year. I guess we might see a repeat of that for the next venue in 2027? :wink:


To be fair, Flanders is probably more than just @Rob_G5’s iconic route. Probably a few people have heard of that one :wink:

But yeah, while it would be cool, there is no precedent that makes me think Zwift would do that. Other services do that sort of thing, and Zwift doesn’t seem to want to compete in that specific kind of way.


Honestly I realize that Zwift prob will never make a “Oudenaarde world” with some routes and famous climbs. And also realize that everybody wants to see their own favorite route in Zwift but nu offense I also think less people care about riding in Innsbruck, Scotland or even London then in and around Oudenaarde for example. Those “short” climbs (Oude Kwaremont, Koppenberg, Berendries, Paterberg, Taaienberg, …) are just so close to eachother (literally all within a couple of miles of eachother) that Zwift could recreate them in a small map with plenty of routes for everyone. Since that region is the cradle of 1-day races I’m sure Zwifters would love that map!


A certain three-letter platform has a 9-km Ronde course including Paterberg and Oude Kwaremont. (Plus the worlds lap in Leuven.)

An Ardennes type world probably fits precisely into the stats zwift keep sharing about users usage…

Smaller relatively flat looped routes, where there are climbs short and punchy, opportunity to annoy most of the user base with mixed surfaces etc

I’ve never really cared much about new courses and just embraced whatever came our way but the thought of some Belgian classics really appeals. Short punchy cobbled climbs with feedback using road feel on a Neo.

Yes please.

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I wouldn’t mind one of these routes, but I’d need an attachment for my fan that sprays dirty water up into my face.

A certain 6-letter platform does, also.

People on other trainers will have the advantage not having road feel. :slight_smile:

I’m not a racer so I’m not too worried about the others. I’m all about my own experience & a cobbled climb with feedback would be great.
If only they could get the Elite Rizer to have road feel too. That would be something.

New cobbled bits coming to France!

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Where does it say that?

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See ZRacing Monthly Missions where it refers ro newly-added cobbled sectors in France.

I’m not sure if that actually means new roads or just a change of surface.


It’s a temporary change in surface. No new roads.