New World - Tour of Flanders & the classics

Would love to see a possible new Zwift world, incorporating the best bits of the Flanders area. The birthplace of competitive cycling?


As a Tacx Neo user that’d fun with road feel turned on.

I made the same suggestion to a post recently for a rolling style course - wish we could have an option to list posts we’ve either started or commented on. Can’t remember which post it was!

Hoping that they turn the spare island on Watopia into a Flandrian/Ardennes style course with punchy short cobbled climbs with banking either side, steep twisty Ardennes style climbs, and lots of picturesque box houses typical of the area.

Maybe throw in a bit of Roubaix as well…

Would round out Watopia nicely… for a while at least! :slight_smile:

Would be great. Maybe to simulate the sectors (pave / hellinge) it would be interesting if there are only a few lines to ride and you can only overtake riders when you do a lot  more power than the one in front of you (not “going” to the field as easy as now).

New aspects for racing …


A Flanders type route would be awesome. I think if its easier to incorporate into Watopia all the better. 

FulGaz has an awesome Flanders Loop. Koppenberg, Patterberg, Kwaremont, more.  My Kickr maxes out at 20%, and you’re kinda glad it does when the Patterberg ramps up to 26%…you’ll find yourself standing up doing 40rpms just to stay moving. 

Maybe Zwift will get there someday, but in the meantime… 

This is the SINGLE most important idea for Zwift in my opinion.  We are way good on flats and way good on long climbs.  What we do not have, other than a couple Kms in the “Esses”, is rolling hills with punchy climbs…ie Flanders.  Is this not the landscape we as cyclists dream of?   I was saddened when the Mayan expansion was a long descent (or moderate ascent based on direction) when it could have been the type of loop I think a lot of folks want.  Zwift are you listening anymore now that you are HUGE?

love love LOVE this idea