Belgium Flanders map

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Belgium map with all the great climbs? (Paterberg. oude kwaremont, trieu, …) a mini tour of flanders?
It would be my favorite map!!

Make sure you vote up the existing Feature Requests for this map: Search results for 'Flanders ' - Zwift Forums

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Check out the World Championship Course. It initially will be based on that.


Time to revisit this topic.
the course has two circuits: a shorter “Leuven circuit” (5 climbs, 16 km), on which the race will finish, and a longer, more complex “Flandrien Circuit”, (45 km, also 5 climbs, one repeated, tougher than Leuven climbs) which will be visited intermittently. It’s a novel take on the usual world championship circuit paradigm.

Zwift could model the Leuven circuit – that’s only 16 km and comparable to other World Championships circuits, if a bit short. A more ambitious approach would be to model a subset of the figure 8 Flandrien circuit, with more interesting climbs, but that would exclude the finish line. Doing both would be ambitious by Zwift standards.

I put a Strava route for the core of the Flandrien Circuit here (21 km).

I have a Strava route for the Leuven Circuit here (15.5 km).

It would be amazing if Zwift could model each of these and then add the connector roads. I’ve been riding them on RGT, and it’s sort of like the hilly part of Richmond, except a lot more of that.

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yeah because voting for stuff on here makes a difference!

That would be awesome indeed. Voted for it. #fingerscrossed

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