roku support

Hey Zwift,


When will a Zwift app be available for my Roku in-home device?


Roku in-home device would be fantastic.

Does Zwift already have enough projects with supporting Windows, Macs, iOS, TVOS and Android? And tons of requests for new features, plus new roads and new worlds? And improved server availability/reliability, plus new levels, challenges, …

Are Roku devices powerful enough to run massively multiplayer online, 3D games? The games I see featured at are less demanding on hardware than Zwift is.

Roku sells very good devices for streaming very high definition video, from many sources. I don’t know that that makes it a good platform for Zwift, regardless of how much of their workforce Zwift could put on such a project. Streaming video and generating video are not the same thing.

edit: Also, do Roku devices allow you to connect multiple Bluetooth and/or ANT+ cycling sensors at the same time? Or even to connect the Roku remote and ZML at the same time, where you’d have to use an iOS or Android device to bridge your cycling sensors to the Roku?