Rocacorba 39.9%?

Just road my first climb portal today - Rocacorba. Road it in real life also so I was very surprised to get hit with a section on the portal that pitched up over 39%. Screenshot shows 39.9% from the Strava activity. I even saw 41% on the section! The real life ride is tough, but it ain’t that tough!

Wow, seems like something has gone a bit wrong there.

Sounds like they didn’t run it through the Wahoo RGT favorite - GPX Magic.

I saw that too, 42% but going down only 16%?

Doesn’t it depend on where you hit it? If you hit a corner wide, it will have a lower gradient than the tight side, and somewhere in between across the middle. Maybe one of the sharp corners produced this?
I’ve seen some remarkable gradients in the portal on other climbs.

Going up today, I saw 49%. Dang near stopped me in my tracks.