Robo Pacers & game updates

In the past there were several discussions about problems caused by pace partners not using the latest version of the game. This resulted in different game physics applied to the bots and regular users and, consequently, in surges in pace and overall unnatural behaviour of the bots. As far as i recall, back then Zwift promised to keep the bots up-to-date and check for new version during the weekly rotation.

From what i can see though, at the moment there is quite a significant difference between the clients and the bots are using a game release from december last year:

  • “CNL/3.45.2 (Windows 10; Windows 10.0.19045) zwift/1.0.125542 game/1.58.0 curl/8.4.0”
  • “CNL/3.43.0 (Windows 7 Service Pack 1; Windows 6.1.7601) zwift/1.0.0 game/1.54.0 curl/8.4.0”

I was wondering if this is something that Zwift has under control and if there were no significant changes to the game physics, or if the updates has been somehow forgotten or de-prioritized.

aaaugh :melting_face:

Can you make Robo pacers talk about your training progress? Please see my suggestion - audible feature on ZWIFT which is the virtual reality training. !!!


Checked with the team that oversees our RoboPacers, and they update the pacer build when there’s a change that requires it. They’ve got it under control.

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thank you very much!