Other than “Sights and Sounds” and “Boost Mode” which are both just a little too gimmicky for my taste, are there any other updates and what’s happening with Clubs and when we might see something? Would be a shame to lose momentum for something that a lot of people are really looking forward too.

Theres been a number of requested features, it would be great to see FutureWorks roadmap.


@Wes and @shooj would be the best people to ask about this.

I’m guessing the rumour regarding the July TDF may have an impact on other developments in the short term. Also, sights and sounds that removed all clutter from the screen was brilliant. I’d love this to be a permanent on/off feature.

A road map of any sort would be good. Lots has been discussed this year but this year has seen many challenges causing changes so as much as we can’t expect a strict timeline, just some communication would be nice.

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We prefer not to get too ahead of ourselves because each one of the specific play tests is a complex project in and of itself that takes a lot of time to get right.

While we have many ideas and intentions for FutureWorks, we share the ones that are ready for public beta testing.


You should probably rename it then;)

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