Riders lowering weight

(Greg Costigan) #1

I’ve noticed a lot of riders have been flying around the island and putting down unreal numbers and times. Have you thought of having everyone at an equal weight? I’m sorry but 1000 watts for over 2 mins and a heart rate of 130 just doesn’t seem possible

(Allan Watkins) #2

1000 watts for 2+ min with a low heart rate isn’t a result of low weight.

Sounds like some sensor malfunction or possible someone using a speed sensor on an untested trainer / rollers. Also tire slips on trainers when folks sprint and don’t have their tires locked down properly (or maybe an old not so grippy tire) can cause spikes due to the speed increase from the tire moving quicker than the trainers resistance curve.

(Allan Watkins) #3

I’m sure as they implement the rider flagging feature and tune the software virtual power curves we’ll see less of that as more and more “dumb trainers” get supported.

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #4

If you are using zpower (virtual power) and riding on rollers (low resistance) you will have very high speed on the rollers and this would result in very high artificial power numbers. I guess you could also enter in an artificially low weight to boost w/kg …

(Greg Costigan) #5

Well they’re doing something to put out ungodly numbers. Something needs to be figured out before the racing begins.

(Allan Watkins) #6

My bet is that some races will have a rule of some kind that the rider has a real power meter or smart trainer that can measure power output proper-like.

(Greg Costigan) #7

Dickson, it wasn’t just you. Check out https://www.strava.com/activities/248550877

I’ve seen it a bunch lately.

(Tim Corso) #8

Actually I put down over 1300 watts today. I was well impressed!! These figures can be cause by problems with the ANT+ connection. Its a long story but I took my PC out of range of the Kickr for a while when I brought it back the Kickr resumed the ride but the resistance was always the same. To cut another long story short I tried to fix the problem by removing the ANT+ dongle and the repairing the Kickr. When I did this I got some big power spikes e.g. 1300. and the ride never resumed. Obviously this is some kind go bug. Remember this is beta software and is FOC.

(Andrew Williams) #9

The posted ride indicates that the weight is 75kg. If there is any error, it’s in the zpower rather than the weight. Of course the likelihood of a huge error is high given the data.

(Bill Verdon) #10

How are you guys seeing this? Can you view everyone’s stats after a ride?

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #11

For the strava ride linked below, that doesn’t look like a cheat to me, it looks like data was being doubled. The rider starts out with numbers that are impressive but attainable, and then those last few segments look like they have doubled the power.

IMO, comparing rides done on a variety of trainers on strava is just asking for inconsistencies to appear. Another good reason to keep trainer rides private and compare only against my own prior rides.