Riderless bikes, deformed riders and kill-joy lag?

I am about a week into using Zwift, so far SO GOOD but last night around 7pm GMT I experienced what could only be described as a virtual-inter-dimensional anomaly (!)… riders with genetic deformities (alien like legs/arms/torsos), entire groups sunk into the tarmac, riderless bikes and bizarre time-shifting / inaccurate power readings.

Is this simply to do with the growing popularity of Zwift and an overpopulated virtual environment or is there an issue at my end? - i.e. would it help to have the resolution at the lowest setting? - I am using an ageing MacBook Pro, all within minimum spec but…

I didn’t see how many people were on but a ‘le tour’ sized group went past me at one point. As some have suggested - if you have become a victim of your own success and the issues are down to overpopulation then maybe it’s time to add more sessions/environments? (I don’t actually know if that would help technically but in my simple non-programmer mind it makes sense!) Most online driving games have different ‘parties’ some maybe you could split the group rides into new maps? Just an idea…

BTW Thanks for providing a way to make turbo sessions fun and interesting :slight_smile:

Hi there,


I had the same problems aswell, started at 8pm GMT, de timing off the training was incorrect on screen 26min, clocked with stopwatch 1hour of training. Speed, distance en pace or wrong! Also deformed riders, only a bike and…

YES! That’s what I mean by time-shifting… Ride time stated 30 minutes when I had spent about 45 minutes on the bike! (ride ended with double cramp in my calfs… eek!).

I’m not aware of any server problems or widespread issues that would have caused these effects, so I’m creating email tickets for both of you. Please send us your all the files in your Documents\Zwift\Logs folder from this ride so we can investigate. 

Same issues. Roads full of riderless bikes, and hundreds of them turning in the road. Zwift unusable. Also using an old MacBook Air. It has been working perfectly up until now. To be honest, if it doesn’t improve I will be going to one of the other online systems, not buying a more powerful computer.