Zwift experience deteriorating

The overall zwift experience ,it seems to be deteriorating somewhat - from digital cheaters to disappearing and reappearing riders, bugged riders, and jerky riders , speed wise.

When I first started a month and a half ago the software seem to be rocksolid, now these problems seem to occur every time I logon - thanks and I hope you get it worked out.

I’m sorry you feel that way. While things are different from when you started, this is exactly what we expect - and want - from Zwift right now (which seems counter-intuitive, but hear me out). This is beta, the program is still being developed, and we’re far from being done with improving Zwift! Things will change (based on community feedback), and we have big plans for where we’re going from here.

To address your specific concerns, you may be seeing different things from when you first started because of the growing community. We’ve been aggressively adding more people to the Zwift beta so that we can get the data we need for launch, and this includes more people who are riding zPower. Before, the only setups we could guarantee would work were those with smart trainers and power meters; now, we have a much wider classic trainer support base, so you’ll be seeing more people riding without a power meter. Included in here are people who don’t know how to properly set up their trainer - which is completely understandable as we don’t have a tutorial set up for this yet. Expect to see a lot more educational resources here to help people get set up properly in the future, as well as other software solutions to ensure that everyone can ride in and enjoy Zwift.

As for riders disappearing and reappearing, this is solely related to Internet issues. Since we haven’t had any server outages in quite some time, this means that it’s likely either your Internet or the Internet of the people you’re riding with that’s dropping. If everyone disappears, that’s your Internet; if it’s just one or two people, that’s a connection problem on their end.

While various issues have been coming up due to more people being on the island, this is exactly what we want to happen now. Zwift is still in development, it will get better, and having these problems happen now means they won’t happen after we go live (because we’ll have fixed them). We’ve made some great progress in preventing people from going in circles if they have a low-spec computer, enabled more people to ride in Zwift on a variety of trainer setups, and seen more people putting on more miles than ever!

Keep in mind that this is just another phase of development, and it will pass. We appreciate you sticking with us for the ride!


Not sure the blinks are ALL internet-related. Twice today the squirrel evaporated in front of my eyes while the other riders and AIs around me remained solid.

I am using a Macbook Air computer and I have had good experiences recently compared to a few months ago.  I had terrible drop outs at the beginning and I don’t have them anymore (No I did not change ANT+ dongle, computer or settings).

We have an enjoyable free product… for now. The only recommendation that I would make to the Zwift team is that based on the comments that the latency could be appearing and thus causing the aforementioned issues.  I don’t think that discussing up/down is a good measurement of rider experience, however, I understand that it is high level metric worth stating.

When Zwift becomes a paid service my expectations will be much higher.